– Industrial Duty Jackshaft Operator

Features a removable hinged electrical box cover, a continuous duty high starting torque motor, and industrial ball bearings on the output shaft and a universal mount frame design.

Standard FeaturesJ_L4_CW_detail

Motor: Continuous-duty high-starting torque motor with instant reverse and overload protection. Available in 1/3, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 HP; single- or three-phase. Removable without affecting limit switch settings.

Drive Reduction: First-stage heavy-duty 5L V-belt; second and third stages #48 chain; #50 drive chain.

Emergency Disconnect: Easy emergency manual operation using an electrically interlocked floor level disconnect.

Wiring Type: All operators are factory preset to C2 wiring providing momentary contact to open and stop, with constant contact to close; D1 and E2 wiring are also available. Momentary contact to close (B2 wiring), T, TS, and FSTS wiring can be activated with the use of CPS-U, CPS-UN4, or CPS-EI safety edge interface. The operator is pre-wired to accept a sensing device, photoelectric sensors, radio controls and most types ofaccess control equipment.

External Radio Control Terminal: Quick, convenient connections for retrofitting or adding radio controls on logic or mechanical operators.

Bearings: Industrial ball bearings on a 1″ output shaft; heavy-duty oil-filled iron bearings on reduction shafts.

Friction Clutch: Adjustable, helps protect against major damage to door and operator should the door meet an obstruction.

Construction: NEMA 1 type electrical box, heavy-duty 11-gauge steel frame with durable powdercoat finish, all reduction sprockets drilled and pinned to shafts.

Push Button Station: 3-button station comes standard and has OPEN/CLOSE/STOP functionality.

PosiLock® Mechanical Brake System: Self-locking mechanical reduction system that functions as a holding brake.

Warranty: 2-year warranty.


            Added Value

  • Built-in 3-channel, 315MHz radio receiver accepts up to 23 Security+® or unlimited DIP switch remotes. 3-button remotes can be programmed for OPEN/CLOSE/STOP operation
  • Maintenance Alert System™ establishes a routine maintenance schedule based on the number of cycles or calendar date. Includes self-diagnostic system that allows you to troubleshoot up to eight different error codes
  • Timer-to-Close allows programming in 1-sec or 15-sec increments and permits timed automatic door closure after the door reaches the full open position; requires monitored photo sensors, either CPS-U, CPS-UN4, or a 4-wire edge, using the CPS-EI edge interface
  • Thermal motor overload can be easily reset from the 3-button floor level control station

            Reliability & Programming Simplicity

  •  Switchless motor eliminates stuck start switch and motor malfunctions on single-phase -operators
  • All high-voltage connections have been removed from the board for safety and ease of service
  • Diagnostic LEDs speed installation and troubleshooting
  • Motor direction jumper lets you change motor direction by simply moving a jumperAvailable Plug-in Options for Logic 4.0 (L4)
  • Auxiliary Contact: Used to operate security, warning, heating or other 5V to 240V devices. Features both normally open and closed contacts that actuate in conjunction with limit switches.
  •  TLS1CARD: Provides seven field-selectable modifications, including six door traffic control options. Combines with Logic 4.0′s standard Timer-to-Close feature to offer timed, sequenced activation of warning lights, sounders, and other devices (sold separately) that can be operated via dry contact closure.
  • CPS3 or CPS3-N4 Option:Enables the addition of a second set of photo-eyes.
  • Mechanical Reversing Contactor Circuit (M): (115V, 208/230V, 460V, 575V, 24V NEC Class 2 Circuit with 40VA transformer) Industrial linear contactor provides significantly longer control runs than conventional contractors.


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