Looking for a Commercial Garage Door Installer in Minnesota? Cannon Valley Garage Doors has you covered

Pedestrian Doors

[Hollow Metal Doors and Fire Doors]

In need of repairs or installation of Hollow Metal or Fire Doors? Give Cannon Valley Garage Doors a call. We offer hardware for all of your commercial door needs including:

  • Hinges
  • Locks
  • Closures
  • Panic Bars
  • Electric Strikes
  • Weather Stripping

Hollow Metal Doors

From sturdiness to affordability, hollow metal doors have many benefits. They are stylish and functional for any space. All of the benefits to hollow doors include:

  • Long-term value
  • Long life and require less repairs than other doors
  • Sturdy – adding security, sound reduction and fire rating benefits
  • Customizable appearance


If you are in need of repairs or interested in installation, it is easiest if you contact us to speak to one of our representatives.