Residential Garage Door Openers

When you get a new garage door installed by Cannon Valley Garage Doors, you should also consider the type of opener you would like to accompany your new door. Cannon Valley Garage Doors offers multiple options of garage door openers to ensure you can find the one that best suits your needs.

What options do you have when selecting garage door openers?

At Cannon Valley Garage Doors, we sell door openers from Genie but we repair and install all other makes and models.

Chain-driven openers – The least expensive model. However, this type of garage door opener is the noisiest due to the metal-on-metal contact caused by the movement of the chain pushing or pulling a trolley that is connected to a metal bar. If your garage is detached, the noise doesn’t present much of an issue, but if your living space is above or next to your garage it could be bothersome. Newer units are notably quieter than older units, but we recommend belt-driven openers for those looking for quiet garage door movement.

Belt-driven openers – These models are designed similarly to chain-driven models, except these have a strong belt to push and pull the trolley instead of a noisy chain. Belt-driven units are just as dependable as chain-driven units, but will cost a little more due to their reduced sound level.

Screw drive openers – This type of garage opener features a unique design that eliminates the gearbox used on belt and chain models, which increases the reliability of this model.

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